Which GFG is right for you?

Chances are that if you’ve clicked on this post, you’re considering buying one of the Grace Fit Guides. Whether you’re at this point because you are taking a step to meet your goals, you want to be part of an amazing and supportive community of women, you’re interested in getting into the gym or weightlifting, or you’re a well seasoned weightlifter, there’s a GFG for you.

First of all, massive congratulations for deciding to invest in yourself - it’s not easy to turn down buying that outfit or that night out for a PDF which may or may not change your life.

I want to say now that if you put the effort in, you will get the progress. The great thing about having a guide is that all you need to do is turn up and go - no planning, no writing workouts or researching exercises - it’s all there for you! Having a guide increases your chances of success as you have to put in less effort to succeed.

About the GFHG?

I have always wanted working out to be as accessible as possible. I don’t believe that you should need to be wealthy or financially successful to be fit and healthy, and whilst I produce a number of products to enhance your workout experience, I will never claim that these are necessary by any means. To get fit and healthy all you need is yourself (and a little bit of determination).

Just over a year ago I created the #GFG: 24 weeks of weight training workouts to be performed at the gym. The guides have done amazingly well – over 15,000 women are currently doing them, achieving the most incredible transformations in not only physical appearance but also in strength, confidence and ability. I have always believed in the benefits of weight training and gained a lot of my muscle growth progress through doing so. That being said, I also fell in love with fitness through working out with absolutely no equipment in my living room. When I first got into working out, there was no way in hell I could afford a gym membership, so three times a week I jumped, lunged and planked around at home getting fitter and fitter.

The GFHG is designed to help you get fit and ‘tone up’ with minimal equipment, from home or anywhere you choose! I fully believe that you can get incredible progress in both weight loss and looking more defined without stepping foot in a gym.

For my first year of exercising consistently, I trained at home, with the very occasional trip to my college gym room if it was free between classes.

Through working out at home, I got the fittest and most ‘toned’ I have ever been.

The GFHG is designed to help you get fit and ‘tone up’ with minimal equipment, from home or anywhere you choose! I fully believe that you can get incredible progress in both weight loss and looking more defined without stepping foot in a gym.


Long story short, the GFG is for you if:

  • You’re looking for a way to reach your goals without having to invest a lot of time and effort in finding out how
  • You want to get into weightlifting without being intimidated by not knowing what to do in the weights room:
    • the GFGuides include photos and videos of almost every exercise (just working on filming a few of the extra ones from GFG3!), meaning that you can head into the weights room worry free, and use your rest breaks to check how to perform an exercise.
  • You are a seasoned weightlifter looking for 6 months of workouts written out and ready for you to use:
    • whether you’ve been lifting for one month or 5 years, it’s always a pain to write out new workouts for yourself all the time, and often makes the gym more of a chore than it needs to be! Using the GFG, all you need to do is turn up and get it done. The workouts progress in difficulty throughout the weeks, but as you can choose the weight you use on each exercise, you can make it as hard as you want! I still use the guides day to day - I just make them a lot harder then they were when I started by using weights which make me struggle on the last few reps, and increasing them every few sessions.
  • You want to be part of a badass community of women who help and support each other:
    • The GFG community is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever been a part of - over 12,000 girls do the guides, and with that comes an incredible community. By using the Grace Fit Guide Facebook group, the #GFG, #GraceFitGuide and #GFGChallenge hashtags, the community supports, encourages and helps one other in anything from workout tips to recipes to even boy trouble! If you’re looking to be part of something big, empowering and beautiful, the GFG community is for you.
  • You want to feel and look amazing and reach your goals:
    • ultimately, the GFGuides are workout plans  - they’re there to get you smashing your workouts and achieving goals - aesthetic, strength and/or fitness - you never thought you could. By investing in the GFGuides, you will be taking a step to being your best self - you are investing in your health, your fitness, your body and yourself. I personally believe that the gym is the perfect place to be empowered by your own achievements, and the GFG can help you get there! Think about the amount of time you put into helping other people, and decide to start investing time in yourself.


Which GFG is right for you?

So, you’ve decided to take that step to a better you - a more confident, stronger and fitter you - through using the GFG, but which one do you choose?


Ultimately, I would recommend that everyone interested in doing the GFG chronologically starts from GFG1. The guides are designed to provide challenging, progress-inducing workouts, but you can control just how challenging these are by altering the weights you use. I still use the workouts from GFG1 now because, as long as I use weights where I am struggling on the last few reps of each set, they will always be fantastic weightlifting workouts.

In addition, if you start GFG1 and decide to continue the guides, you can quickly hop onto the next one. By starting with the first guide, you have 6 months of workouts already written ahead of you, and essentially you’ll have all the ingredients you need to stay on track up to then!

What’s more, you can save up to £50 by buying the bundle options rather than just buying a singular guide, then you have no excuses to stop when you run out of workouts because they’re all there!

That being said, let’s talk through your options.


You are new to weightlifting.

Are you a cardio-bunny who’s never dared to step in the weights room?

Have you watched a billion weightlifting youtubers and their workouts but never been able to get the hang of it yourself?

Have you just come across the whole weightlifting community and decided that it would be the best way to reach your goals?

GFG1 is for you. The first guide was written with every stage of lifter in mind, but by using weights you feel comfortable with, you’ll be absolutely fine! You may find the first few weeks difficult, but you won’t be wasting your time going slower than you need to without making progress. Just listen to your body and stick to it - the likelihood is that you’ll see a great improvement in both your knowledge of the gym and your performance in a short time.


You have been lifting for a while. 

As I said above, I would recommend that regardless of how long you’ve been lifting, you begin with GFG1. By choosing the weights that are right for you, you will make the workouts just as challenging as you need. Even though you may have been lifting for a while, starting a slightly new style of lifting may be something you need a little time to get used to. The GFG incorporates high intensity training into weightlifting, meaning that you can also greatly improve your cardiovascular fitness whilst lifting. By starting at GFG1, you can save money on bundle prices, and sort out your workouts for six months!

All this being said, if you are not keen to start at GFG1, by all means head straight in at GFG2 or 3 and enjoy the extra intensity!


So, what are you waiting for?

You’ve put in the time, done the research, and made a decision to change. So get your activewear on, choose which guide is right for you and come join the community of over 12,000 women taking steps to reach their goals.


More questions?

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