4 Resistance bands bundle

Made from a custom cotton, polyester and rubber blend. Vegan.
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Colours signify different strengths, here is a breakdown:
Blue band: Light
Pink band: Medium
Grey band: Medium
Peach band: Heavy
Khaki band: Heavy
Pink Camo band: Extra Heavy
Emoji band: Extra Heavy
Black band: Extra Extra Heavy

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  • Your chosen resistance bands
  • Up to 8 months of resistance band only booty circuits and workouts including:
  • - Glute activation workouts (pre-workout)
  • - Glute burnout workouts (after workout)
  • - Home glute workouts
  • - Gym-based glute exercise suggestions
  • Aflete App access for workouts, videos and tracking
  • All guides are eBooks and will be emailed to you in the confirmation email
  • Facebook group access with all the GFG girls
  • Resealable pouch for your products

RRP: £56.00

Bundle Price: GBP 48.00 / USD 60.50 / EUR 53.50

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Please note that bands are limited to one of each colour per purchase.

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